202351st GCBMA 
202250thCorrurise- Scripting TomorrowMPCBMAIndore
201948thDil – Design – Innovate – LearnRCBMAJaipur
201847thWay Forward For Corrugated PackagingSICBMAChennai
201746thCorrugated Packaging For The Emerging New IndiaWICMAPune
201645th“The Future Box” New Trends & Technologies – Future Of India’s Corrugated IndustryHPCBMAChandigarh
201544thPackaging For Tomorrow, Futuristic Ideas And SolutionsKECBMAKochi
201443rdWhat Next? Let’s Step UpGCBMAUdaipur
201342ndInnovating Into The FutureSICBMAChennai
201241stVision – Gen Next – ‘Conceive…Create…Customize’WICMAMumbai
201140thEvolving Technologies – Industry PerspectiveNICMANew Delhi
201039thEvolving Business ParadigmAPCMAHyderabad
200938thQuality @ CostEICMAKolkata
200837thPackaging for Consumer ConvenienceSICBMAChennai
200736thCorrugated Packaging – Future Perceptions & Global PerspectiveUPCBMAVaranasi
200635thCorrugated Packaging that PerformsWICMALonavla
200534thBuilding Capabilities to meet Global ChallengesKCBMABangalore
200433rdSolutions through Total Quality ManagementNICMAAgra
200332nd“Corrugated Packaging – Global Changes Greater Opportunities”MPCBMAKhajuraho
200231stCorrugated Packaging -Meeting Todays’ Demand Preparing for Tomorrow’s ChallengesWICMAMumbai
200130thCorrugated Packaging For Tomorrow’s WorldSICBMAChennai
200029th“Corrugated Packaging – Challenge Of The Millennium”NICMAAgra
199928thCorrugated Packaging Vision 2000WICMAGoa
199827th“Corrugated Packaging – The Engineering Scenario”APCBMAHyderabad
199726th“Corrugated Packaging- Meeting The National Needs Moving”GCBMAMount Abu
199625th“Corrugated Packaging- Providing Perfect Protection to Products and moving forward with a global vision”WICMAMumbai
199524th“Corrugated Packaging – Gateway to Globalization- Protecting Ecology”EICMACalcutta
199423rd“Corrugated Packaging – Pivotal for economy and export”NICMANew Delhi
199322nd“Technological Developments for optimum performance in corrugated Packaging”WICMABombay
199221st“Corrugated Packaging The Silent Spokesman for Economy, Ecology and Exports”SICBMAMadras
199120thCorrugated Packaging for Production, Preservation & ProsperityKCBMABangalore
199019thCorrugated Packaging – A National NeedNICMANew Delhi
198918thCorrugated Packaging – Bringing Products to people Safely and EconomicallyWICMABombay
198817thVriksha Devo BhavaAPCBMAHyderabad
198716thCorrugated packaging onto quality protectionEICMACalcutta
198615thCorrugated packaging – Need of today. Must for 21st centuryWICMABombay
198514thCorrugated packaging for prosperity and posterityNICMANew Delhi
198413thCorrugated packaging for economic growthSICBMAMadras
198312thCorrugated packaging for economy and ecological balanceWICMABombay
198211thCorrugated packaging for better environmentGCBMAVadodara
198110thUse corrugated boxes and save our nation from indiscriminative deforestationAPCBMAHyderabad
19809th EICMACalcutta
19798th NICMANew Delhi
19787th SICBMAMadras