Long a go before 51 years, it was a remarkable and historic day for the corrugated box industry of Gujarat on dated 14th July-1972 in the office of M/s. Shakti Packaging Industries, Baroda, where 10 corrugators from all the region of Gujarat gathered to express their unity to form an association with the main objectives of promoting trade, commerce and industry connected with corrugated boards and boxes in the name of GUJARAT CORRUGATED BOX MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION. The founder members were as follows-

  1. M/s. Shakti Packaging Industries, Baroda
    1. M/s. Saurashtra Packaging Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot
    1. M/s. Baroda Packaging, Baroda
    1. M/s. Baroda Box Mfg Co., Baroda
    1. M/s. Creative Corrugating Industries, Baroda
    1. M/s. Cellulose Products of India Ltd., Ahmedabad
    1. M/s. Carton and Container, Baroda
    1. M/s. Vakal Traders, Baroda
    1. M/s. Gujarat Paper Industries, Baroda
    1. M/s. Standard Corrugators, Baroda

The first meeting of GCBMA was held on 19-07-1972 at hotel Utsav Baroda and the following office bearers were elected

President- Mr. C.D.Shah of M/s. Shakti Packaging Industries, Baroda

Vice President- Mr. M.K. Mehta of M/s. Saurashtra Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot

Hon. Secretary- Mr. V.C. Shah of M/s. Standard Corrugators, Baroda

Hon. Treasurer- Mr. M.M. Patel of M/s. Baroda Box Mfg.Co.., Baroda

GCBMA has got the opportunity to host FCBM Conferences in year-

  1. 1982- 11th Conference at Barod-

Theme- Corrugated Packaging for Better Environment

Mr. M.K. Mehta of M/s. Saurashtra Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot was elected as President of FCBM

  • 1997- 26th Conference at Mount Abu

Theme- Corrugated Packaging- Meeting the national needs moving

Mr. Ashwin Shah of M/s. Supack Industries, Rajkot was elected as President of FCBM

  • 2014- 43rd Conference, Udaipur

Theme- What next? Let’s step up

Mr. P.S.Shah of M/s. Creative Corrugating Industries was elected as President of FCBM

  • Now 2023- 51st Conference, GOA

Theme- CORRUMANTRA- Paryavaran Rakshnam Paramo Dharma

During these 51 years the members of  GCBMA has won many Awards Constituted by FCBM like CORRUSTAR Award, B.K.Doshi Award, Harlalka Award INDIA Star Award of IIP and many other national and International recognition of corrugated box industries as follows-

M/s. Wonder Kraft Packaging Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara Won 3 Corrustar Award and M/s. Supack Industries, Rajkot and M/s. Royal Pack Industries, Vadodara won 2 Corrustar Award each.

M/s. Viva Packaging Products, Ahmedabad have won maximum 12 Corrustar Awards with one hetrick in 2001 and received in almost all categories. Thus total 19 Corrustar Award won by GCBMA members.

M/s. Viva Packaging Products, Ahmedabad has been awarded B.K.Doshi Award in year 2015 for significant contribution to the corrugated Packaging Industry in India by FCBM.

Three of our Past President, FCBM from GCBMA has been awarded Harlalka Award Mr. M.K. Mehta, 1988 – M/s. Saurashtra Packaging Pvt. Ltd. , Rajkot, Mr. Ashwin Shah, 1999- M/s. Supack Industries Pvt Ltd., Rajkot, Mr. P.S. Shah, 2017- M/s. Creative Corrugating Industries, Vadodara

Mr. Prahlad Patel of M/s. Radhe Packaging, Chhatral has been serving as President of GCBMA for the longest term till today.

GCBMA has done many Noble work for the human being and community like donation to the 2001 earthquake victims of Kuttch Bhuj. Distribution of Swachh Bin for swachhata hi seva mission, Corrugated Emergency Bed for corona victims and many more noble work has been done during the past 51 years.

GCBMA has also organized many technical seminars and conferences and a Comprihansive two days Certificate Course on Packaging for the benefit of the corrugators.

Very soon GCBMA is opening its own R&D Centre inside new office building premises at Ahmedabad.